quietude: In-finities

Hand cut glass, steel, LEDs. 2018
5m x 5m
Orbital relations between forms of projection, tracing and reflection determine a landscape of mind that unfolds in flux, interfacing between body and environment. Cones of light are mediated by constellations of circles, which open the perceptual gaze towards its plasticity: intra-active dream-objects combine, travel together, enclose one another, and then separate, occlude, circle and pass-through; a movement of quietude—the opening relation.

The immediate horizon given to our perception appears to us to be necessarily surrounded by a wider circle, existing though unperceived, this circle itself implying yet another outside it and so on, ad infinitum - Henri Bergson
I live my life in growing orbits which move out over the things of the world - Rilke

The interaction of the brain with its surroundings disrupts the traditional geography. The functional plasticity of the brain deconstructs its function as the central organ and generates the image of a fluid process, somehow present everywhere and nowhere, which places the outside and the inside in contact by developing an internal principle of cooperation, assistance, and repair, and an external principle of adaptation and evolution - Malabou

An infinite process does not go on “to infinity”, as if to the always postponed term of a progression: it is the instability of every finite determination, the bearing away of presence and of the given in the movement of presentation and the gift. Such is the in-finite, as the affirmation that all finitude (and every being is finite) is, in itself, in excess of its determinacy. It is in infinite relation - Nancy

Commissioned by Arte Luce for Extended Mind, Berlin