Epiphany at a distance

Hand blown glass, glass prisms, digital projector. 2018
10m x 4m x 4m

Euclidean elements embodied as transparent irregular Platonic solids appear scattered on the earth like relics. These geometric elements transition into an expanded suspended form which draws out the geometric relationship from the plane of the earth into non-Euclidean elliptical space. The suspended elements begin as small geometric prisms close to the light source, and morph into large coloured lenses towards the back of the tunnel through a telescopic diagram that opens as spatio-temporal projections, embodied as coloured refraction and spectral colours that orbit around the space. The tunnel thereby becomes a kind of cosmo-scope describing the movement from Euclidean space into non-Euclidean cosmology. The work reflects on our interaction with technology and how our worldview is framed through lenses of meaning. The expanded geometric composition deconstructs the apparatus of the telescope and cinematic projection to offer an opening for new interpretation in constructed space.

Commissioned for Biennale Art Light, Mantova