spheroid + Nebula

Suspended hand-blown glass lenses and multiple light sources. 2016
Each 8m x 7m x 5m
Originally developed for the Television Centre in White City, London. Two cascading compositions of hand-blown glass lenses mediate light, describing a conceptual arc between two atriums, moving from a spheroid composed of planar forms, to a constellation or nebula of conical forms. The transition represents the path of televisual transmission, reconstituted in the cosmic imaginary. The ‘Spheroid’, which symbolises natural, solar light, radiates lines of light which are intersected by planar forms, producing spectral compositions of colour, like solar flares. The ‘Nebula’, on the other side of the arc, represents a dimensional shift, with the cone embodying the form of projected light temporally drawn-out from the plane. Amassing the process of visual perception, their telescoping forms are suspended like shooting stars, which descend as cones of light towards the viewing eye.