FAD magazine

JULY 2019

A show filled with beautiful meditative works that have a spiritual element to them. Light shines through the Shuster & Moseley glass works.

HIA magazine

MARCH 2019

‘Cosmic Couple’, feature. Written in the Stars


December 2018

TV feature on Extended Mind group show


October 2018

Augmented Reality Art Exhibit in San Francisco


October 2018

Digital art experience integrates four layers of reality—physical, spatial-sound, 2D/3D projection mapping, and augmented reality


august 2018

gowithYamo in conversation with collaborative conceptual artists, Shuster + Moseley...

Coda Worx

august 2018

Experiential & Interactive Art: Participatory, dynamic, and community-driven: permanent and temporary design + art projects engaging viewers to create unique, playful, and personal experiences with the art.


february 2018

Lucid Haze, and exhibition of light installations by three international artists who explore light through different materials 


November 2017

Lumiere, 'What Matters' installation at St Oswald's Church



Under the Radar



...glass sculptures... manipulate natural and artificial light alongside a magnificent light installation that unifies geometry, lights and perceptual elements... quite a visual treat.


July 2015

Inside a treehouse in a London park, important work is being done... Shuster + Moseley create biophilic pavilions that saturate people in nature. 


MAY 2015

Gallery 223 is tucked away behind Waterloo station, built in to the tunnels and arches.  INTERFACE explores traditional and technological interfaces. 


July 2015

"People work in synthesized spaces cut off from the natural environment and mediated by screens and other mediums ... by manipulating and re-framing or collapsing these interfaces we can produce lasting psychological and social effects that will ... broaden our ideas about well-being and productivity."


October 2012

The Invisible City aims to help people engage with these wonderful and unique environments for their health and well-being and to encourage new interactions between art and nature… It's a social environment for the future… Wired is a proud media partner of The Invisible City whose project seeks to make a real and long term difference to the lives of people and their environment.

tim burton

MARCH 2014

"Such a fresh way to combine art and nature and well worthy of our support. We hope that you feel the same."

Tim Burton, Film Director


March 2013

The Invisible City is a project looking to make art and nature come together seamlessly in order to draw a new, connected generation into spending more time outdoors.

Parks in urban places have generally been envisioned as oases from fast-paced city life, as preserves shaded from modern technology and development where you can quietly read a book with the birds. By definition, we draw lines around parks: nature belongs on one side, civilization on the other.

noise abatement society

March 2013

NAS regards this project as a landmark opportunity to showcase the best in science based innovations and creative treatments for urban soundscapes and material designs to create a showcase of applied soundscape solutions to benefit the present generation and inspire a new era of urban, landscape and architectural designers for the future." 


July 2013

Norbord’s inspirational Better By Nature initiative supported by noted artist environmentalist and artist, Claudia Moseley.

volt cafe

March 2014

A way of making a difference and influencing the cityscape… London’s parks are truly magical – make them even more so by supporting this very deserving project!

design boom

March 2014

Through intervening with the existing city the scheme redefines the relationship between nature and culture and celebrates the value and importance of public external space within the urban fabric...

bionic city

March 2014

The scheme intends to facilitate a network of collaborators, allowing a range of people to become involved in the project’s realization, curating a series of cultural exchanges that reflect a network of ideas. The Invisible City is about collaboration; opening up opportunities for visitors to become participants, hacking connections between nature, social networks and cultural happenings

london calling

February 2014

In 2009 Claudia Moseley and Edward Shuster were on the team behind the Treehouse Gallery in Regent’s Park; they created treehouses with a group of volunteers as platforms for public use. Now they are back with their new project The Invisible City, patroned by Tim Burton and Helena Bonham-Carter. This project is all about bringing people together and harnessing the power of the collective to create a public platform within nature.




The thesis is artistically interpreted: the works of art refer to the implications and, with the help of light, create an environment in which the visitor becomes an active part of the work of art. Therefore, not only depends on a purely information-processing level in the brain, but rather are related to the body and the environment.

architectural digest italia

august 2018

A Mantova L'Arte Contemporanea Illumina Palazzo Ducale


November 2017

Lumiere, 'What Matters' installation at St Oswald's Church


APRIL 2014

Edward Shuster is an artist-philosopher and one half of duo Shuster & Moseley ... Ed explains their project of biophilic pavilions -- The Invisible City --, which invites connections between nature, social networks and cultural happenings.



"Your imagination and amazingly positive attitude beautifully exemplified bringing the best of British creativity to the world. You captured the imagination." Conrad Bird, Director, GREAT Campaign, 10 Downing Street


MAY 2015

Top 9 exhibitions of the week. An atmospheric combination of light and sculpture, that has a great aesthetic appeal.


August 2013

Combined the inspirations they had on exotic travels to create social interventions that bring together culture and  nature, with plenty of originality


June 2009

Treehouses taking root in London... A corner of Regent's Park will be festooned with treehouses and rope-bridges after a new art project was given the go ahead.

The project will act as an artistic catalyst for the public.


August 2013

Here, in the setting sun, the orchestra’s string players performed Zipangu, a wonderful late work by Canadian composer Claude Vivier inspired by rituals of the Orient. The sounds were reflected back at us by specially-designed wing-like structures ... It was done with superb fervour.


MARCH 2014

Martyn Ware, musician,music producer and sound engineer, gives us his thoughts on what he has in store for The Invisible City. 


August 2009

Young and old are able to explore the treetops, listen to storytellers and take part in traditional crafts in the park's free project.

The two treehouses north of the boating lake are built from reclaimed city rubbish and naturally sourced materials.

time out

February 2014

Kids love a good treehouse, it’s the ideal getaway, a place for them to escape to their fantasy worlds and let their imaginations run wild. Well why should kids get all the fun? Adults need treehouses too! New art project ‘The Invisible City’ has plans to build massive treehouse pavilions where everyone has space to dream.

national trust

March 2010

"...bring places alive, using sensitive approaches to the outside environment and real significance to the place in a way that is meaningful and relevant to a diverse audience."

royal botanic garden edinburgh

January 2010

"...new and novel possibilities for integrating a wide range of different art forms with botany, astronomy and natural history. It is on the edge of the different disciplines that the most exciting adventures in learning are experienced ... What we are being presented with is unique ... this idea is one that is worthy of widespread support."

city of westminster

June 2009

"This is a fun way for people to easily learn how they can make a difference to the world around them.It should delight children and hopefully get people to take an interest in this important subject."

Steve Summers, Chairman of Westminster City Council's Planning Committee


March 2014

Artist couple Claudia Moseley and Edward Shuster have proposed an idyllic new art project for Regent’s Park. The pair originally met up a tree amid a protest in the Brecon Beacons, defending an area from an imminent gas pipeline – we smell an eco-centric rom com in the making.

the architects journal


Striking and amazing... An innovative art collective takes root in London’s Regent’s Park.


july 2019

MTArt: we don’t invest in art, we invest in artists


august 2018

What Matters consisted of two immersive installations at St Oswold’s Church and Churchyard, part of Lumiere Durham 2017, commissioned by Artichoke.


JUNE 2015

Co-working TREExOFFICE in Hoxton Squarte offering creative alternative...


October 2016

Exploring and probing...mediums of architecture, light, sound and spatial awareness...definitely worth a see.


JUNE 2015

...If all goes to plan, we might find translucent pods popping up in parks all around the country. 

london festival of architecture

MAY 2015

Tree X Office, part of LFA


MAY 2015

"Hoxton workers to hang out in Tree X Office"

Architectural digest

April 2015

"Pop-up office created around a tree in London’s Hoxton Square"


june 2015

"London’s Newest Coworking Space Is a Treehouse"


August 2009

A philosopher is celebrating his 76th birthday by inviting members of the public to a central London park to talk to strangers.


April 2013

"Claudia and Ed are wonderful examples of young British creatives who bring art and nature together"


February 2014

Treehouse project hoping to take culture to new heights

Giant treehouses like this one could be popping up in Regent’s Park over the summer.

The novel constructions are the brainchild of artist couple Claudia Moseley, 29, and Edward Shuster, 27, who want to use them as public platforms for culture, performance and debate.


September 2012

Creating a park like no other... A new kind of space for interaction within the city... A conceptual Matryoshka doll of culture-within-nature-within-culture, their vision will be expressed not in the standardized shipping container format that has become synonymous with pop-ups the world over, but in wildly original structures built around trees which are made with sustainably sourced laser cut plywood, recycled rubber flooring and steel – all of which can be packed up and shipped.


February 2010

" Delighted to support your initiative"


MARCH 2014

Creative questions gifted to The Guide for Inquiring Minds, Spring 2014. The next complimentary question and reflection comes from a collaborator of Bionic City® Edward Shuster, the artist-philosopher behind the project “The Invisible City“. He asks: "How can I empower my imagination (when I spend so much time plugged in to technological interfaces)?"

its nice that

MARCH 2013

Edward Shuster talks about Invisible Structures at Nice Wednesday's Environments and Spaces.

the royal parks

March 2010

"The TreeHouse Gallery was something very different from any previous TRP events and the results were quite exceptional: two spectacular tree houses built predominantly from naturally sourced materials and reclaimed city waste, a sustainable herb garden and music garden were the base for an innovative public project featuring a daily program of events, arts, music and activities for all ages. Members of the local community were encouraged to provide content, not just consume. The project was truly innovative. Over 20,000 people engaged with this project, which ran for 6 weeks."

visit britain

February 2014

A new art project, The Invisible City, has been revealed for Regent’s Park… an innovative public platform for art within nature.

run riot

February 2014

Very exciting, new type of art project compromising of three giant treehouse pavilions for open source use by an organic network of collaborators ... designed to capture the amazement and awe that Shuster and Moseley experienced while living in the trees.


MARCH 2014

Edward Shuster and Claudia Moseley met up a tree on a protest site in the Brecon Beacons in Wales, defending an area from an invading gas pipeline...fascinated by their experience, the couple then travelled the UK exploring more protest sites and observing the incredible structures people had built into the landscape that were able to invisibly blend into the surrounding environment.