folds: Future Bodies

Kiln formed glass, steel. 2016
50cm x 150cm
A series of works addressing the nature of embodiment in relation to past and future technical morphology. The works stand as statues, reminiscent of historic or political figures that propagate public squares and promenades; but they are statues from a disappearing future, from a disembodied being, from a body individuated in relation to the emerging ontologies of the technocene. Veils of glass are created by contorting panes of glass whilst hot in the kiln. The process takes a ‘screen’ that is proportioned to the human figure, and then bends it into metamorphosed folds which expand in complexity through light, depth and reflection. 
Reading the importance given today to glass and transparency as a metaphor of the disappearance of matter… space is critical because it is on the verge of becoming virtual space. To give another example: whole dimensions no longer exist - Paul Virilio