EVOCATIONS: Blazing Lamps

Hand blown glass, LED. 2018
50-80cm x 22-34cm)
Remnants of ‘What Matters (Aura)’, each hand blown glass lamp used in the installation that mapped the birth of light in the universe, generates unique resonances and tonalities of light that produce particular psycho-physical effects. The colours are derived from analysis of cosmic radiation spectra (spectrums indicating the compositions of celestial bodies). Bubbles are models of the expansion; cosmic breath embodied in crystalline fabric. Light animates, emanating through its contours and ripples. An individuating event; the evocation of presence.

The event experienced (the ascent from the well) and the visualizations (the colored photisms) are synchronic and mutually verify each other, because they take place at the same time as the opening of the person of light - Corbin