cosmology machine

Hand blown glass forms, lenses + prisms, steel wire, monofilament, float glass, optical filters, retort stands, clamps, obsidian sphere, borosilicate glass rods, glass tubing, mirrored glass, diachronic glass, hydroponic mylar, LEDs. Model and Installation view, 2017
An evolution of a model constructed from optical equipment assembled around a structure of scientific lab equipment, punctuated by various light sources rebounding across surfaces in an infinitising conversation. Incorporating this evolving set of apparatuses in a collaborative process that builds in both scale and complexity, the project will culminate in a large-scale assemblage that reflects on the philosophical implications of contemporary cosmo-technics. 
The combined loss of sight and loss of memory means that we need to take another look at photosensitive inertia … exposure is analogous, all in all to the memory of the COSMOS. In the end, it is on the basis of such photoscopic focus that we will be able to produce photosynthesis of the astrophysical CONTINUUM - in other words, of space-time from the ‘creation’ of the world right up to our day - Virilio